CBD Oil Products For Relieving Anxiety

CBD products, in general, are getting a lot of attention these days. There are various products on the market that people can purchase such as CBD edibles, CBD topical products, CBD isolates, CBD capsules, CBD crystals, CBD e-liquids, as well as CBD oils, and more. Each of these products contains the chemical CBD or cannabidiol, which is extracted from marijuana or hemp plants. Marijuana extracted CBD products are only sold in countries and states where marijuana is already a legal drug. Hemp extracted CBD products are sold everywhere else including the USA but are not manufactured there at this point. The majority of researchers say that marijuana-derived CBD products are the better option because contain a lot more types of cannabinoids which also have positive effects on the body.

About CBD oil and how it helps with anxiety

One of the CBD products which are commonly sold is the CBD oil. CBD oil products can also be edible and used for cooking purposes or adding the oil directly to the food. It is important to be aware that CBD oils should not be smoked because researches show no evidence of benefits related to it if smoked.

So far, most of the researches on products with cannabinoids concentrate on the use of marijuana but they do not specifically study the CBD oil as a product on its own and all of its effects. However, many studies have shown already that cannabis may be quite beneficial for people who have anxiety. Some experts say that it is possible for anxiety to be the reason for turning marijuana usage into a recreational one or that it may also be possible for marijuana to be the reason for the presence of anxiety on a daily basis. Because of this, there are still many pieces of research on a daily basis in this field to find out the right answer and patients with anxiety are strongly recommended to specifically search information from researches specialized on CBD oil and not marijuana in general.

One of the conducted studies shows that it is possible for CBD to reduce symptoms of social anxiety because the participants’ brain scans showed relevant changes to the brain areas associated with anxiety and social anxiety disorder. The CBD seemed to change both how they felt in a positive way but also changed how the brain responds to anxiety.

Another study showed that cannabidiol can reduce social anxiety due to the positive results from the participants with social anxiety that had to perform a public speech. In 2014, another study on animal models showed two effects of the CBD oil – antidepressant effect and anti-anxiety effect.

One more study in 2016 was performed on a child after trauma with the idea to check if CBD will help with her post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as an anxiety-provoked sleep disorder. The results showed reduced anxiety in the child and she was also able to sleep normally.

All of these researches show that CBD oil for anxiety can be used and it can be effective.

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